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Electrode Gel Pads, Universally-Compatible including Dr. Ho’s Replacement for Flextone Pads. Small & Large Size Combo 12-Pack, adhesive electrodes for TENS / EMS / electrotherapy.

electrode gel pads
Applying Gel Pads – WiTouch



Universally-compatible 12-pack of small and large electrode gel pads for standard pin-type lead wires including Dr. Ho Systems from 2011 & later. Perfect replacement for flextone pads, and various TENS, EMS, and electrotherapy devices. Four adhesive electrode gel pads 3.1″ x 5 “, and 8 small gel pads, 1.5″ x 1.5″. Dr. Ho Systems from 2010 & earlier will require standard pin-type lead wires (not included in Dr. Ho System originally, but easy and inexpensive to get). Quality re-usable adhesive, can be used many times, similar or better quality to original Dr. Ho’s electrodes.

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